National New Jersey Day


When you’re called JerseyStyle Photography, you can’t let National New Jersey Day go unnoticed…or unblogged about.

You think New Jersey you think…Springsteen….Sinatra….The Sopranos…the Jersey Shore…those smells outside the refineries in North Jersey…that horrible show that was on MTV (which also smells, by the way).

But we are not always what you expect.

Like this bamboo forest.

Right in the middle of a small town.

My small town.

Allentown, New Jersey.

Gotta keep your eyes open in this state. You may see more than the Jersey Devil.


Speaking of New Jersey, a very happy birthday today  (July 27) to my friend and mentor, Joe McNally .


I had no idea who he was in late 1999 when I met him in a conference room at a design agency in New York. He had just been awarded the annual report project of the company I was working for then.

We first traveled together in early January 2000 (like January 2), hitting six European countries in two weeks.

Here’s a BTS shot from spring of 2001, when we were working together again. Here, we were in Creve Cour, Missouri, working on another  report story. We learned more about genetically-modified corn that day than we ever thought we would.

And, yes, he’s shooting Flo.

The friendship began quickly in 2000 and has continued. The mentorship, added later, continues to this day as well.

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