A Fair Sunday


I like me a good fair.

If you gave me the choice between street photography in NYC or an afternoon shooting a fair, I’d be hard pressed to pick one.

Each, to me, is a photographically target-rich environment. I just usually seem to get images I like.


My buddy, David Bowman, sets the bar REALLY high for fair photography. A master, I’d say. He’s always in my head when I’m walking the midway.



Raspberry Lemonade_072818_DSCF5346.jpg

I often seem to keep my fair photos in B&W, but this year, the color ones are catching my eye. The one that leads off this post, for example – an explosion of color. I like it in B&W….but I love it in color.

Ice Cream_072018_DSCF5382

The tones and shadows in the two above, as well, have a better look to me in color than B&W. Almost straight out of the FujiX100T, too.



But….I had deep blue skies and high, fluffy clouds to work with, which translates really nicely to B&W.

I hardly ever do the selective color thing anymore. But I couldn’t help myself with this guy on his phone. His shirt amidst the background…I had to see what it looked like. What do you think?

Music Express_selectiveclr_072818_DSCF5403

Overall, it was a fun couple of hours at the Monmouth County Fair. Still a lot of summer left so one or two more may be in our futures.

Past fairs:

The County Fair 2015

The County Fair 2012

The County Fair 2010

The County Fair 2009

Told you I always liked shooting the county fair!

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