JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08.04.18

Visual Week In Review_080418.jpg

Happy August!

We flipped another page on the calendar and summer here in New Jersey keeps speeding along.

Actually, nothing happy about August.

  • It’s the month where people (not me) start to hate summer and look forward to fall.
  • You start to feel summer slipping away a bit
  • And try to figure out how to slow it down as much as possible
  • That said, m father and father-in-law both have birthdays this month. Strong men, both.

Anyway, this week was marked by a quick trip to PA with the family, computer issues and rain.

Not continuous rain, just the threat of rain nearly every day. High fluffy clouds, sun, heat, humidity…and rain.

(Raining now as I write this)

I had taken a few vacation days the previous week into this week (Monday). That’s always kinda fun – taking vacation through the weekend so that when you’re relaxing on Sunday evening, you know that you don’t have to hit the starting line on Monday.

Still, between that and the computer issues, it felt like I was behind all week.

Still, it was a good week. Had an interesting shoot, got some new gear and am prepping for another shoot tomorrow.

And hey, since it’s the top of the month…back up that work from July!


This Week’s Links:

What I’m Reading This Week: Treasure Island (never read it as a kid, what can I say)

What I Watched This Week: Hondros, on Netflis. This is a must-see, about photojournalist Chris Hondros.

Related: You Can’t Do War Photography From A Distance

It’s OK If It’s Been Done Before

ND Filters or High-Speed Sync – Which is better?

Happy 92nd Tony Bennett! Here’s a cool post on Joe McNally shooting him.

Capturing everyday beauty in the Bronx.

Five Reasons To Shoot Your Local Fair (glad I did!)

On the anniversary of his death: The House That Thurman Munson Built

“The kind of photography I did in the FSA was the kind of photography I still do today, because it is based on passionate concern for the human condition. That is the basis of all the work that I do.” ~ Jack Delano (August 1, 1914 – August 12, 1997)

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