JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08.11.18

Visual Week In Review_081118

Moving right a long, here are are at the just-about-midway point of August. The Back-to-School stuff is already out, the NFL started it’s preseason games this week, heck, I’m even seeing Halloween candy out in the grocery stores.

Another summer, and section of the year that seems to fly by. This was a fun week, though, maybe not as fun as the week my buddy Drew Gurian had – he shot Rod Stewart and Aaron Judge both this week, on different days). I had a really cool shoot last Sunday that I’ll be able to share with you in a couple of days.

Aside from that, it was another hot, humid week that saw a chance of thunderstorms every day, and sometime it did just that.

Just another typical New Jersey summer week.

A few more are left and for that I’m happy.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: Well, been reading: Treasure Island. What can I say, I never read it as a kid.

What I Watched This Week: I’ll light ya for it.

Good listen here: Joe McNally is interviewed on the podcast He Shoots, He Draws.

David’s Deli in San Francisco has a pretty interesting backstory.

Great profile piece: The House that Thurman Munson Built

Langston Hughes just got a year older.

Eye Candy: The work of Walter Smith

On the trail of Anthony Bourdain’s New Jersey (I’ve been to Lucille’s and Frank’s)

Today’s birthday: Jeff Widener (photojournalist who covered the Tianenman Square and shot “Tank Man”)

Speaking of….a past post: Standing at the Six-Four

“Shoot what you can’t help but shoot.” Great quote from Gregory Heisler found in this video.  (Full audio – over an hour – is here)

And finally…happy birthday today to my dad, Vincent, who turns 85 today! Taught me more than I can ever understand or appreciate!


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