Event: Jared Hart and Dave Hause At The Stone Pony

Jared Hart_mkrajnak_081718_DSCF7027

A few more from Night 1 of The Gaslight Anthem at The Stone Pony.

On Friday, the first opening act was Bayonne, New Jersey, native Jared Hart. I first became aware of Jared’s music a few years ago, as I started listening to his band The Scandals. Super punk rock-influence there.

I’ve seen him before a couple of times as he’s been opening and/or doing back up vocals for Brian Fallon’s solo shows the last couple of years.

Jared has a very particular voice – quite harsh, like he gargles glass. May not be for everyone but he makes it work.

Jared Hart_bw_mkrajnak_081718_DSCF7046

Over the years, his hair and beard have gotten longer but the voice hasn’t mellowed. He’s still quite young, so looking forward to seeing the rise of his career.

Jared Hart_mkrajnak_081718_MG_8872

Jared often does a duet with singer Casey Macalush on his song “The Leo”. Here’s fan video of this song from Friday. Nice Tom Petty t-shirt on Casey (strong Tom Petty theme throughout the evening, much more so than Springsteen. Petty is a big influence on TGA/Brian Fallon so maybe there’s a connection).

Jared Hart_Casey_081718_DSCF7069

Casey Macalush duets with Jared Hart

Interestingly, as you can see in the background, Jared’s  set included a string quartet, the Four Shore Strings out of Red Band, New Jersey. I thought that was an interesting addition to his set that I certainly didn’t expect.

Four Strings_mkrajnak_081718_MG_8825

Two of the Four Shore Strings

Aside from the music, one of the best parts of this set… Rocky Cantanes’ beautiful Gretsch guitar


After about a 30 minute break, the middle act came on: Philadelphia’s Dave Hause & The Mermaid.

Dave Hause_mkrajnak_081718_MG_8941

First, Hause rhymes with “pause” or Jaws. He had a wonderful t-shirt available that showed classic Jaws poster but with Hause at the top, rather than Jaws. A little vague if you don’t know him as a musician but I kinda wished I picked it up.

As you can see above, the light was a little different now. Some clouds came in to break up the bright white background I had for Jared’s performance. Evening was approaching so the background wasn’t so blown out as it was around 6.

Dave Hause_mkrajnak_081718_IMG_1040


Photo above was shot with my little Canon SX610 HS point-and-shoot with the “miniature” feature (blurs the top and bottom to give it a tilt-shift look).

Classic sunglasses+ full sleeves of tattoos = a great look. I have to admit…while I had heard of Dave Hause…I’d never gotten around to listening to him. A bit disappointed in myself as I really loved his set.  Going to be picking up more of his music soon!

Dave Hause_mkrajnak_081718_DSCF7101

I really like that he had Red Foxx on his guitar strap, too.

Dave Hause_Fred_081718_MG_8948

He was probably the most animated of the bands (including TGA) and moved around the stage quite a bit. I kept trying to get a shot of him leaning over the stage with the Empress Hotel in the background, but I couldn’t quite snag it.

Tim Hause, Dave’s brother, is part of The Mermaid. Must be fun to be on tour with your brother. I went high-key on this one to blow out the sky and some scaffolding wires behind Tim.

Tim Hause_mkrajnak_08718_MG_8962

Kind of like the B&W version too.

Jared stayed on for the Saturday and Sunday shows, but Chuck Reagan took over DH&TM spots both nights. Which ever night you went, there were a few really good opening acts to get the crowd ready for The Gaslight Anthem.

Speaking of t-shirts, I had to grab a hyper-local TGA shirt. They had some neat designs (old cars and such) but to grab the APNJ one was the one I had to pick.

Gaslight Tee_081918_DSCF7313

Gear note: My backdrop here is Savage Universal Seamless Paper in Thunder Gray. I’ve been looking for a backdrop of this color, at a reasonable price, for a while. A gray backdrop is quite versatile and I’ve been loving it.

I got the 107″ which is quite long and a bear to handle by yourself. But, I already needed one that length, so I guess it came in handy.

This is a thicker paper backdrop and, as you can see, it has some role lines in it. This was the third time I’ve set it up and I see the lines are more pronounced. Last evening, I cut it so that when I use it again, the paper will be clean and flat (first time I used it, it was fine). I guess, again, it depends on how much you want to pay. Perhaps a more expensive one doesn’t leave these roll marks.

Ironically, I’ve known about Savage for a long time. Way back when, I worked with John Madere, and he was using a paper backdrop to do executive portraits, and I’m pretty sure it was Savage. It sat rolled up in its box in my office for a long time, the thinking being if we ever needed to do a new executive portrait, it would be right there. When I changed to a new job and a new location, I left it. Wish I had kept it now!

In any case, I love the color. I’ll probably get a smaller one for individual portraits soon.

If you use a backdrop for headshots, what do you like to use?

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