Photographing The Kima Warriors – Part 2


The other day, I talked about shooting portraits of the Kima Warriors at Silva Fusion Martial Arts.

The portraits were a big part of the ask here – Kim Robles really wanted to show who her Kima Warriors are, and really enhance the “Together We Are Stronger” theme.


But just as important was to get action shot of these gals in gi’s on the mat, doing what they do.

I LOVED this part of the shoot! First, it was so interesting to really get in close to these jiu jiu jiteras (as Kim calls them) as they worked through their moves.

It was very cool because while there were pockets of action, jiu jitsu is much like hand-to-hand chess: You do one thing, your opponent counters, and then you counter-strike.

And the way this Sunday Session was set up was that the gals could work on a move, step back, try it again, make sure their foot positioning was right, their hands were right. So there was a step-by-step aspect to it.


Master Tony also put on the gi to help out and work on his technique as well.





In addition, I wanted to capture the quiet moments, the in-betweens.





I had a lot of fun shooting these action shots. A happy accident also occurred: My truck, parked in front of the dojo, created some wicked cool (as they say in Boston) sun bounces into the dojo, which I took advantage off. But, overall, the light in the gym was great, so I liked the looks I got.

And, of course, as with all my shoots…before we totally broke down the site…Flo had to get in on a group photo.


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