Event: Photowalking Allentown, NJ (Not Pa!) 2018


October 6, 2018, was the 11th Annual Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk around the world.

After the butt-in-the-seat week I had last week, I was nice to get out and shoot some photos with like-minded folks.

Our group was a bit smaller this year compared to last year. And, actually, everyone was new except for Penelope Taylor (left side, standing, glasses) and my daughter, Olivia.

Maybe the smaller numbers were due to it being Columbus Weekend here in the US (Kids have off on Monday, maybe some people went away). Or that we started at 9:30 rather than 11:30 this year. Dunno.

What stayed the same was that we all met up at the Old Mill on Main Street in Allentown, we were all very interested in chatting about photography, and we all went out and made some nice photos.

For my part, I did do more chatting….side of people shooting.  Quick grabs, nothing set up like last year.

CS_At Work_100618_MG_1611

We had barely started and Christine went out to get this portrait. Loved that initiative!




Joe Sapia (kneeling, baseball cap, on left in group photo) is someone I’ve know online for a while now, and though he doesn’t live far away, we’d never met. He’s a retired journalist a few NJ newspapers, and an aficionado of the Pine Barrens. Really interesting guy, so it was fun to meet him IRL (In Real Life) as the kids say.


Paul’s daytime job is as a police officer of a nearby town and a huge photo buff. He often uses his drone to photograph a crime scene, and he brought it along on our walk. Can’t wait to see what he got. (His wife co-owns the barbershop here in Allentown, and often cuts my hair. That’s how he found out about our photowalk – through me telling her about it in the barber chair!)


Shoot, missed the focus.



While I think Liv was reluctant to go (she agreed to it weeks ago but when the day came, I don’t think she was as enthused.) But, once there, she quickly got into it, bouncing around, snapping whatever her heart desired with my Fuji X100T. She came back with some nice shots, too.

Liv 3_100618_DSCF9093


Aside from the people, I grabbed a few other shots too.

The Moth_100618_MG_1630


And, of course, Flo again made an appearance.


One of the best things I like about these photowalks is that I can show off my little town, playing tour guide. The small town in America is vanishing. We still have one. And we’re trying to hold on to it.

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