New Tear Sheet: The New York Times

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The New York Times, October 18, 2018


A few weeks ago, I got an email at a photo editor at the New York Times asking to license a photo of The Gaslight Anthem that I shot at The Stone Pony back in August.

They had actually found (via my Flickr account, I believe) an image I posted of a print I made of the image. Interesting, I thought.

After some back and forth, and then some paperwork, I sent over a high-resolution, 300 dpi image file to them. And tried to tamper my excitement.

Who  knows, I thought. Story may never run. It may get cut. Eh, this was fun.

I did find out a few days ago that the NYT was planning on a large story about The Stone Pony. They are hosting an event (which I’ll be shooting for at the Pony on Monday, October 22. I thought, if anything, the article would run after that.

While on the train into New York yesterday, I was checking my Twitter feed and saw a link to a NY Times article. I’d be lying if I didn’t say my heart jumped a little.

Read, read, read, scroll, scroll, scroll…whoa. There it is!

At just about that same time, I checked my email and had a note in there from the photo editor that contacted me, saying the story was live. That was pretty nice of him, didn’t have to do that.

The whole article is really interesting, a great history of this iconic bar in a little seaside town.

A little BTS on how I got the shot: As a credentialed photographer, I only had three songs to shoot the band by the stage, when we get booted (I don’t understand why this is still a rule – any crowd member with a decent point-and-shoot standing at the rail could shoot/record the whole show but us three feet in front get booted.)

Anyway, after the three songs were up, I shot some from the side, then moved out into the crowd and shot on a platform stand near the soundboard. I didn’t do that for the Southside Johnny show in July…but I should have! This cool mist (at least I think it was, maybe it was just stage smoke) was drifting out over the stage, and the colors looked good. I did try to frame the photo with those hands up. I look at a lot of concert photography and feel that’s a good graphic element to include. Plus, it’s good to get those overall crowd shots. Learning from my previous experience paid off here.

A print version of this story will run on Sunday, but they told me it’ll be a cut down version and unfortunately my photo won’t make the final cut. Too bad, I would have loved to see in actual print.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled they found my Gaslight photo, and am honored to be part of this article.

In the New York Times.


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