Remembering Transformation Tuesday

Rember Jones_1_2017

Anthony D’Amato aka Remember Jones

There’s a thing among the social media set called “Transformation Tuesday.” It’s pretty much what it says: Either on Twitter or Instagram, people relate their transformation stories and use the hashtag #transformationtuesday to follow along.

I partake sometimes, especially on IG, when I feel I have appropriate photos that work.

Today, though, I was thinking about my photography with Anthony D’Amato, aka Remember Jones, his stage name. (I’ll go RJ for short here)

RJ does have a fantastic transformational story. First, through a combination of hard work and determination, he went through a physical transformation to lose weight and get healthier. Not easy to do! I believe he lost more than 100 years ago and has kept it off.

I asked him about this the first time I photographed him and he said it was a challenge, especially in a big Italian family where food is supreme.

I had seen some of the photos and watched an interview with him – he was a big man. Certainly not that big when I met him outside the Empress Hotel last summer to do some portraits in front of the mosaic wall.

Remember Jones 2.2017

The next time I’d shoot him, last fall, he’d undergone another transformation.

Beard shaved, looking all dapper, he was engaged in the role(s) of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.


And within the stage play, he’d undergo still more transformations: He’d hunch over and his voice should like he was speaking through gravel and cut glass in the character of Mr. Hyde.

In one key scene where he changed from Jekyll to Hyde, the stage did a neat job of having him behind screens where you could see his silhouette and the lighting changing from blue to red as the transformation occurred. I caught it from a catwalk high above the stage.


And the NEXT time I photographed him, this past July, it was in his natural habitat: On The Stone Pony Summer Stage as Remember Jones, fronting his band, dancing, singing and shaking his ass (as the back of one of his t-shirts says). Trademark ballcap on his head.



RJ is a an entertainer, and ultimate showman. He transforms into his roles, even if his role is a normal guy hustling to make a living doing what he loves.

Remember Jones_mkrajnak_070718_MG_6131


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