Suddenly, It’s Fall.


September and October have been fairly blah here in my corner of New Jersey.

Mostly because the nothing changed from summer. Except my kids were in school, the house was (mostly) quiet and the temperatures dipped just a bit.

But everything else looked pretty much the same. Leaves were turning, certainly weren’t falling.

Even last Wednesday, I was headed into Queens  and on the BQE with my video guy, and we were commenting how none of the trees had changed color yet. We both didn’t have the gumption to look up why that was the case, but it was as green as green could be.

Then this past weekend hit. And it was like a switch was flipped. Fall came to town.




I like the one above because it shows the deer hoofprint…headed to the corn.

There are two types of corn in the feeds around me. The higher up corn is what gets grown for people.

But there’s corn that grows lower (you can see it above) and that’s deer corn. If you click the link, you’ll read why it’s important. So, I was trying to get a shot that included the lower-growing corn and the hoof prints.

So, yes, fall has definitely arrived here. The streets were ablaze in color late Wednesday afternoon when we took the kids trick-or-treating.  It was pretty wonderful.

Gear note: These were all shot with my GoPro Hero5 while out for a run on the Union Transportation Trail earlier this week, and finished with Nik. That little camera is pretty nice.

By the way, don’t forget to back up all your October work!

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2018

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