Dispatches: A New York Moment

Daffy Duck_Queens_102018_DSCF0221

Astoria, Queens

Spent some time in New York in October, more so than usual. Had a chance to do what I was there to do…then see what I could see.

Here are some selects from Queens and Manhattan. Gear ranged from Canon 70D with a 70-200mm lens, a FujiX100T and a GoPro HeroBlack.


Astoria, Queens

Queens rooftop_102418_DSCF0374

Rooftop, Astoria, Queens


Astoria, Queens



Hell’s Kitchen



51st Street, Manhattan


James A Farley Building, 8th Ave., Manhattan


Bus Terminal, Manhattan

Empire State2_102418.jpg

And one more, on the way back to the Jersey side, from the passenger side of the car I was sitting in, waiting to make the right-hand turn to go through the Lincoln Tunnel.

Fish Market_101718

541 9th Ave

A millions stories in this city. A million photographs, too.


4 thoughts on “Dispatches: A New York Moment

  1. My family lived in east elmhurst from the mid 80s to early ‘00s. We shopped in Astoria quite a bit. I haven’t been to Queens in ages. FYI. One do the best craft ale breweries in New York is SingleCut Beersmiths in Astoria.

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