Event: Remember Jones Goes Back To Black

Full_Stone Pony_mkrajnak_112318_DSCF2133

You know how the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, because of all the shopping and stores going in the black?

Yeah, I don’t go shopping on that day. I’d rather shoot in black…and white.

But as a nice tie-in to the Black Friday theme, I had the chance to photography Remember Jones at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park doing a tribute to Amy Winehouse and her album, Back To Black.

RJones_Stone Pony_mkrajnak_112318_DSCF2099

I’ve shot Remember a few times now, the last time being this past July, when he and his band opened for Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes.

This night down in AP was decidedly colder, though. Certainly felt like winter was on it was as the wind blew down through the boardwalk.

But inside, it was a packed house of about 900 there to see Remember and his 13 piece band do one original set of RJ music, and then, after a 30 minute break, a full set of the Back To Black album in its entirety.

I don’t know that I’d say I’m an Amy Winehouse fan, but I do like her voice. I was recently watching a documentary on her too, so some of the songs were fresh in my head. I was looking forward to hearing RJ’s take on it.

Of course, though, as with all the shows I shoot, I’m shooting entire to detail – shooting the crowd, the close-ups, but all the back-of-house shots, and any of the details in between.

Here are a few of my favorites, but please click here to see a slideshow of the full set.

Zac Silva_Stone Pony_mkrajnak_112318_DSCF2041

Daimon Alexandrius_Stone Pony_mkrajnak_112318_MG_4245

RJones_MMasefield_Stone Pony_mkrajnak_112318_DSCF2111

RJones_Stone Pony_mkrajnak_112318_MG_4177

Ian Gray_Stone Pony_mkrajnak_112318_MG_3954

MMasefield_Stone Pony_mkrajnak_112318_MG_4077

Stage_clr_mkrajnak_Stone Pony_112318_DSCF2121

Of course one of my favorite shots of the night is a non-stage shot. It’s from right before the band went on stage for the first set. To get to from the The Stone Pony’s green room to the stage, the performers have to walk about 200 feet outside…then usually wait till they get the ok to go on. That’s RHJ in his trademark ball cap, my buddy Zack (RJ’s stage manager) holding the door and Virginia Cavalarie giving me a smile right before they all hit the stage.

Backstage_Stone Pony_mkrajnak_112318_MG_3891

My other favorite shot is this one. I dragged the shutter, it’s not super tack sharp but I love the emotion and energy that it shows, both hallmarks of a Remember Jones show.


Can’t wait to make a print of this one!

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