Tear Sheet: Retreats From Oblivion #2


Back at the end of November, I had another piece published by the online Journal of NoirCon, Retreats From Oblivion.

The first piece ran back in July.

I REALLY love how they big such big space to the photos. Even if they weren’t my photos, I’d be engaged with the site and want to see and read more.

I submitted this piece to the editors (Lou Boxer, Cullen Gallagher and Jeff Wong) quite a few weeks ago but, good on them, they are getting so many submission (mostly short stories, which is their bread and butter) that it took them a while to run Pity The Night. 

I’m cool with that – I’m just happy to see they are getting some much new content.

Hopefully I’ll have one more RTO piece run by the end of the one, one of my “Christmas Noir” pieces!

Stay tuned!

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