JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 12.08.18

Visual Week In Review_120818

This week went quick.

Saturday, get the Christmas Tree.

Sunday, drive to Bethlehem, PA for a fun gig (more on that to come).

Monday to Friday, just grind.

Month feels like it’s flying by and it’s only the 8th. I think its because Xmas commercials started so early (it seems) this year. Still so many things I want to do this year. Putting together a photo book for my wife for Christmas is tops on my list.

But when do I find the time to do it?

Stay up later?

Wake up earlier?

Guess that’s the answer.

Time is a-tickin’.


This Weeks Links:

What I Read This Week: Strip For Violence, a 1950’s era pulp novel. Ed Lacy is pretty good, though the title really has nothing to do with the actual story.

What I Watched This Week: The Christmas Chronicles. Watch it with kids. I liked it.

A photographer’s loving ode to small-town Texas

Unraveling the mysteries of ‘Migrant Mother’

The Religious Iconography of David LaChapelle

Sammy Davis Jr, photographer

The Making of Gordon Parks

Susan Sontag annoys me from the grave.

Imagine All The People (from when I was a Strawberry Fields on this date, the anniversary of John Lennon’s death, in 2011.

“When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear.” ~ Alfred Eisenstaedt, who was born December 6, 1898.

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