Stocked Up With Trubble

Trubble Stocked

Know what I found harder than expected?

Shooting stock photo options of a guy in a fedora.

Usually, when I do my Jersey Noir images, I have an idea in my head, or a location that I want to use. Then I go with it from there.

But a few weeks ago, my co-conspirator, Bard Constantine, asked me if I could shoot some new options that he (and his graphic designers) could use for new book covers for his Troubleshooter series, featuring, Mick Trubble.

Now, I’ve worked with designers on book covers over the past few years, and while they like the stuff I’ve already shot, I know it may not be preferred. To shoot good advertising or commercial imagery, you have to take into account negative space (for type), bleeds to the edge of the frame (while keeping enough image in there too), color tones (to give the designers a good start), and numerous variations.


But, that’s all that I was trying to keep in mind as I ran through a number of variations to shoot.

To accomplish this, I used the following gear:

  • “Thunder Gray” seamless background paper from Savage Universal.
  • Background stands, also from Savage.
  • Vision 4 Strobe, with a diffuser (looks a flimsy bathing cap) from Neewer
  • Beat-up tripod
  • Canon 70D and Fuji X00T

I kept my ISO’s low and let the strobe (at about 1/32, I think) do some of the work. Frankly, it was so bright in my family room, I had to cover the windows and to kill some of the ambient light. For this project, I wanted the strobe to do a bit more of the work, even though the power was cut down pretty well.

I didn’t process them too much, either. I just wanted to give the designers enough options to play around it. Initial reports from Bard were that these would work pretty well.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how they will be used!

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