JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 12.29.18

Visual Week In Review_122918

Here we are. The end of the trail, at least for 2018.

So many news organizations have been putting together their year-end missives. I never understood that – what if something rich happens in the last two weeks of the year?

Me, I’ll wait for another week or two (probably two) to pull together a compilation of my favorite shots from the year. I pretty much have them picked out but who knows? Just spent the day in NYC with my family yesterday and there may be a spell-binder in there.

The past week was a busy one, a fun one. Shuttling the kids to and from church for their Christmas Eve program practices (we checked with one king, Balthazar, the donkey that accompanied Mary & Joseph on their trip, and a pig in the stable). Performance went off without a hitch.

Then onto Christmas Day, always crazy. We made dinner for the family that came over (a roast for most, a pan of non-meat lasagna for those of us that have been meat-free since early September) and entertained a couple of more times through the week.

We sandwiched in a couple stay around the house days with let’s get out and do something days. Hitting the road later today for a quick over-nighter in Northeast Pennsylvania. Back tomorrow where I’ll charge my batteries (literally) and get my gear ready to shoot the Sons of Ireland Polar Bear Plunge in Asbury Park on Tuesday. Going to be 60 degrees in AP on January 1. Sheesh!

So we’ll slide through these last couple of days. Once again, the year passes in a blur. I’m just happy my kids and my wife are healthy and strong, we both have good jobs and, every now and then, I get to click the shutter a few times.

Hope you’ll stay with me for another year of adventure.

See you on the other side.


What I Watched This Week: It’s A Wonderful Life (while wrapping presents on Christmas Eve)

Also: A new video from my buddies The Vansaders

What I Read This Week: The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett

What I Listened To This Week: Sweet by Beauty

Also: A new song by my friends, Bobby Mahoney & The Seventh Son

NY Times: Beyond The Myth of the War Photographer

Aperture: What does Photo Editing Look Like?

MetalBlast: How I got Banned from Shooting a Metal Band

PDN: The Cheapest Leica Ever?

TIME:  Country Doctor by W. Eugene Smith (he was born today in 1918)

ICYMI: Visual Week In Review 2018

Goodbye, for now: A couple of members of The Battery Electric are heading to California to see what’s what out there. No more TBE shows for a while. Godspeed to Ron and Brent!

“Sometimes the simplest picture are the hardest to get.” ~ Neil Leifer (who had a birthday on December 28, born in 1942).

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3 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 12.29.18

  1. Many media organizations are trying to be first with their year-end missives. I doubt it is to give the staff time off to be with friends and family. They could include more reflections in their missive to make the quality better and worth waiting for.

    Have a great time with family and with the Sons of Ireland Polar Bear Plunge. I’ll be around for another year, barring any unfortunate surprises.

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