“You know what the three most exciting sounds in the world are? Anchor chains, plane motors & train whistles.” – George Bailey (from It’s a Wonderful Life)

In New York City with the kids the last weekend of December. It was a madhouse. The whole city.

On the way back, we five were hustling to catch the 5:15 NJ Transit train back to Hamilton, New Jersey. We had already missed the 3:54 pm train by that much and the 4:15 train was cancelled for some reason.

We tried for the 4:45 train but, because of the cancelled one, the crowd rush to get to that one was cray-zee.

So, we sat it out to wait for the next one. And while the rush was still pretty strong, we were able to get on.

As we hastened down the platform,  I saw this conductor out of the corner of my eye. Making sure the little ones were with my wife, I did a step back move to grab this shot. I like the “in the moment of it” and the composition.

I was thinking about this shot on the way home, and how often I’ve photographed trains in my time. I, like George Bailey, still find them exciting.


A bullet train conductor, Tokyo, 2016


Shooting an actress in Grand Central Terminal around 2008.


30th Street Station, Philadelphia


Grand Central, NYC


Heading into Paris from Charles De Gaulle airport, about 6 a.m.



I still love getting on an airplane. But there is something wonderful about getting on a train, too.

Some type of adventure awaits, even if just the adventure of a new day.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2019

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