JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 01.12.19

visual week in review_011219

This was a grind of a week. Fully back in the saddle after nearly three weeks of holidays.

Which is fine. I do like having my schedule. I did get a lot done, both work-wise, and some other photo-related projects I’m working on.

Know what’s tough? Self-editing.

I’ve been going through my 2018 photos for two concurrent projects: Trying to determine what my top 2018 photos were, and also working on a photobook for my wife’s birthday in a couple of weeks.

Of course, what may have been a personal top photo may not work for the documentary book I’m putting together. So it’s going through thousands of images with two different lenses (no pun intended.)

But it’s also seeing again some files I haven’t looked at in months. Or finding images that I never really processes or meant to do later. And then going down the rabbit hole of doing that when I should be working on one of those other two projects.

And not staying up so late.

But that’s the fun of what we do. We’re documentarians. And sometimes you have to go back to what you shot, look at it with fresh eyes, and see if anything new pops up.

And it’s ongoing art. We may be capturing a moment in time, but that doesn’t mean it’s always stopped for good.

That make sense?


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched This Week: The Village

What I Read This Week: 50 Portraits by Gregory Heisler (Kindle version; ongoing read; review coming)

NY Times: The Strange, The Surreal, The Downright Scary

NPPA: David Burnett, Al Tompkins win NPPA’s Sprague Lifetime Achievement Award

JSP Blog: My buddy Gary S. Chapman celebrated a birthday yesterday. Here’s a Q&A I did with him a few years ago.

Anthony Luke’s Photo Blog: Fred Lyons in San Francisco

Irish Times: Shake it like a Polaroid

My Modern Met: Colin Ridgeway and Street Photography

PDN Online: Kodak’s new instant camera

NY Times: Unearthing photography’s time capsule

Fader: Kenrick Brinson, Never Stop, Never Settle (video) [Happy birthday to Kendrick, born today in 1983]

Twitter: Happy birthday, Big Man

“I am sensing the need/desire to be more than just a photographer. I think we can all use our photography and social media to really make a difference in small and big ways with the people God puts in our paths.” ~ Gary S. Chapman

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