JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 01.19.19

visual week in review_011919

This was one of those busy weeks, less so on the shooting side but more so on the production side.

I did two big shoots, one on Sunday that I already wrote about, and one on Friday that I’ll talk about very soon.

In between, I spent a couple of late nights putting a photobook together, and getting ideas for others ones.

Do you do photobooks? (you do PRINT your photos, right?) I haven’t done a print book in a while, though. I always love the end result, but man, they take a while to do.

I guess I could just use that autopopulate feature, but then all that does is throw the photos into a book with no rhyme or reason.

I need to have a flow to the book, and think about themes, section headings, where blank pages need to go, and captions. This takes time.

And then I have to put it aside and come back to it the next day to see if I still like.

Perhaps if I do more books, the process will be faster. And really,  doing a book doesn’t cost a lot. A soft-cover, 20 page book from AdoramaPix is about $20.

I’m a firm believer that you can add new resolutions in at anytime, doesn’t have to just be January 1.

So my new resolution, starting now, is to do more photobooks in 2019…..time consuming exercise that it is be damned.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: I finished Eric Beetner’s All The Way Down and I started Graham Greene’s Our Man in Havana

What I Watched This Week: Undertow

What I Listened To This Week: My buddies The Vansaders have a new album out, Standstill, and it’s really good.

A Photographer New To Me: Ralph Gibson (he had a birthday this week)

Wired: Why A Master Photographer Went Digital After 55 Years (speaking of RG)

New Yorker: Lee Friedlander’s Intimate Portraits of His Wife of 60 years.

Bangor News: Bringing a portrait studio to a shipyard

Aperture: The Woman Who Made The First Photobook

PDN: Freelancers Filling The Void…At Their Own Risk

RIP: Poet Mary Oliver. Read A Summer Day

Six Years Ago This Week: I was working in Georgia.

“I really do not consider myself to be a storyteller. Pictures are basically anecdotal anyway.” ~ Jay Maisel, who had a birthday this week

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