Here’s The Deal


I’ve been living in New Jersey since 1998, save for one year in San Francisco.

And yet, there are still places that I stumble upon that I never knew existed.

Bastso was like that for me about 10 years ago. Been back a few times now.

Now I have a new place to explore.


The Deal Test Site is a place I had no idea existed, never even heard about. But the other week, when I was down in Ocean County,  driving to the Springsteen event at Monmouth University, I was went past it.

Since it was a bit of a neighborhood, I was only going about 30 miles per hour. And, out of the corner of my eye, I spied a deer. Up a paved path of some sort but what was it?

I should have just kept on going to Monmouth. But now it was an itch I had to scratch.

I pulled a U-turn and backtracked, then turned right, and up the drive. It’s part of a park so it’s open.

There was light snow on the ground, and deer were walking up ahead of me. I rolled sllllooowwly up the drive way. My FujiX100T was in my hand, window down, cold air breezing in.

The deer in the top photo wasn’t spooked. He was taking his time. I just had to wait for him to look at me. Finally he did, and I got the shot.

I took my time and rolled up further. There were about 6-10 deer crossing back and forth, but a few were on the other side of a creek.

deer camo_011319_dscf3841

And their camouflage game was pretty strong (look close, he’s in there.)


Like I said, even though I’ve lived here for so long I never knew it existed. And it was basically open to the public?! It wasn’t until a local reporter who saw that top image online asked if I was at the the Deal Test Site, and sent me that Wiki link.

While you can’t go inside any of the buildings, there’s certainly still a lot of cool stuff to explore and shoot. I’ll definitely be back. Like the hashtag I like to use says…#neverstopexploring.

I love this state.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2019

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7 thoughts on “Here’s The Deal

  1. Excluding the three years, I studied at Drew University, I have lived in New Jersey only slightly longer than you, Mark. I moved here in 1997 but I only discovered Batsto a few years ago on a trip organized by a meetup group. New Jersey has a lot to offer the photographer.

    • Thanks, Khurt. When I’m shooting with the Fuji X100T, it’s either set to Monochrome in B&W or, in color, “Classic Chrome” which is supposed to mimic the classic Kodachrome. Since I never really shot Kodachrome, I can’t really say if it does, I just like the color tone is gives me to start with. I was fine with the initial image (which I touched up a little in Camera Raw). But then I ran the file through a Nik Analog filter, which gave me the tone you see here. It was closer to what I had in my mind.

      • If I remember correctly, I shot Kodak Tri-X and Ektachrome and possibly Ekta. It was all so long ago.

        Amateur photographer, Ritche Roesch, has spent some time analysing Kodak, Fuji and Agfa film and has created Film Simulation recipes (he shoot X100F, X-Pro2 and XF10) that I think closely resemble Kodachrome, Illford HP 5+, and Tri-X films. Check it out here:

        I used some of these a a base for my own recipes. I experiment to see what works and what does not. It’ll all fun.

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