Tear Sheets: New Troubleshooter Book Covers

trubble contact sheet_2018

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about doing some stock photography for Bard Constantine’s Troubleshooter series?

Bard’s graphic designer, Jesh Nimz from Sri Lanka, has been hard at work. And he’s turned around some really remarkable covers options for Bard’s Troubleshoot series.

Check these out.

1 ebook 1

2 ebook 1.jpg

vol3 1

Via email (which is how Bard and I do all of our work and planning!), he said “I feel like they’re finally looking as I envisioned them from the beginning.”

Frankly, I’ve loved all the Troubleshooter covers that are on Bard’s book. They all look cool and unique. Not to take anything away from the other graphic designers, but if you’ve read the Troubleshooter books, these DO come pretty close to how I envision the Mick Trubble and Troubleshooter environment to be.

I’m also tickled that I can contribute to this series. Bard writes his New Haven dystopian world in Alabama, I shoot my photos in New Jersey and a graphic designer in the South Asia brings them to life.  That’s wild.

If you’re looking for a new books or new authors to read, check out Bard’s work. He’s a grinder – full-time job, family, the whole deal. He carves out time to write, he indie publishes, he pays out of his own pocket for these new cover designs. He does it all for the love and passion of writing. For that reason alone, I’m happy to help him out in some way.

Hopefully, we can meet in person sometime and toast to our passions.

And to Mick Trubble.

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