JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 01.26.19

Visual Week In Review_012618.jpg

“Photograph your life!”

This was the admonishment given to me this week by the venerable Dave Burnett.

I had posted a photo of my mom on Facebook as it was her birthday. I shot it this past summer while visiting. We had gone to this little local dairy farm that also had an ice cream joint attached. The light was nice, this wood background was cool, but I only had my Galaxy S7 with (weird I didn’t have the X100T). Anyway, I cajoled my mom over so that I could do a quick snap. And I like it.

But as I was posting it, it hit me that I DO shoot more photos of people that come in and out of my life (corporate executives, musicians, etc) than I do of my own family and friends. And I mentioned that in my post.

I have a ton of photos of my kids and our adventures and trips. But not a lot of my own parents, my in-laws, or even my wife (she complains she doesn’t take a good photo. I guess it should be up to me to MAKE the nice photo.)

When I posted Mom’s photo, Dave put “Photograph Your Life” in the comments, a charge I’ve read him extol before on his FB page. Yes,it was a playful online punch in the shoulder, but it is duly noted.  I do need to shoot more of the people I love, and put more time into doing so.

We are the documentarians, the caretakers of our family’s memories. That’s an important role. Let’s not forget that.

(By the way, today is my wife’s birthday. Last year we were celebrating it in Turks & Caicos. And I did a quick portrait before we went diving.) Today we’re running around, taking the kids from one Saturday sporting event to the other. This is our life.

And we love it.

Now, go photograph your life.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: Finished On The Road

What I Watched: A ’70s crime drama, Report To The Commissioner

Vanity Fair video: How They Filmed the First No-Ropes Solo of El Cap

NY Times: How The Slice Joint Became NY’s Food

Washington Post: How Photography Became Dominate

The Super Blood Wolf Moon happened. (Yes, I shot it.)

Witness: Can Photojournalism Survive Another Century?

RIP writer Russell Baker

RIP photographer Leighton Mark

RIP photographer Harry Hamburg

“The idea is to be invisible. To not get in the way of the moment but to preserve it.” ~ Danny Clinch, a Jersey guy who had a birthday this week.

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