JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.17.19


Visual Week In Review_021619

This was one of those low shoot weeks.

It also was one of those weeks that flew by. Frankly, I’m not sure where it went.

We’re in the dead middle of winter here in New Jersey. Closer to the end but still feels like it’s the “drag on” part that happens every year.

Everyone has battled some type of ailment over the past few years. The kids, my wife, me. Things don’t clear up quickly, they just linger.

Like the gray skies overhead.

Ironically, I’m reading a book (see below) that is set at this same time of year, so it’s all fitting in nicely.

As much as we want to will the warm weather and longer days to get here, it won’t happen.

We just have to keep on keepin’ on.


What I Watched This Week: Chicago, the Musical at the State Theater in New Jersey.

What I’m reading This Week: Edinburgh Twilight, same as last week.

A New-To-Me Photographer: Wendy Watriss

NY Times: Dogs Before Instagram

PDN: Still Life: Continuous or Strobe?

YouTube: The Sound of Jazz

NatGeo: See the best pictures from NASA’s top photographer

Sign up: I’m been combing through the Photofocus website recently. Kinda forgot about it for a time; it’s a wealth of information.

Looking back: Bruno Barbey celebrated his 78th birthday this week. Five years ago this week, I was in South Africa working with him.

“Creativity is based on breaking limiting thought patterns, busting through fear, taking risks, and persistently working hard toward your goals, if the individual wants to maximize their potential for a full life.” ~ Lynn Goldsmith, who had a birthday this past week.

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