Make Prints: Around Town

APC print_color

I recently had some nice fortune come my way.

I sold the the 16×20 print above.

And this 16×20 one too, to the same buyer.

The Moth Print_2019

The first print is of our church, Allentown Presbyterian, shot one spring morning a couple of years ago.

The print below is of The Old Mill, building right on Main Street here in Allentown. I shot that one last winter when I caught some nice evening light on it.

Both buildings are historic, and intrinsic to our little town. Which is why I shot them (in addition to the nice light). I didn’t set out to capture them, it all just came together both times. Luckily, I was prepared – I had my camera both times.

Anyway, I have a few different shots from around our town, and I’ve been offering them for sale on our town Facebook page. People care deeply about our corner of New Jersey and I thought they may like to have a JSP original.

So, a woman asked for both of these. I had them advertised as 8×10’s but she wanted this size. Frankly, I like them better big like this.

It took us a few weeks to connect – busy schedules, the flu going around. But when she came by the house to pick them up earlier this week, she told me why these were special to her and her family.

To make a long (but interesting) story short, both the church and the Old Mill are central to her family history. She’s giving them as a give to her parents, because while they are getting older, they often reminisce about the town, growing up here, and the legacy they have.

That was special to hear. Of course, I like the fact that she loves the photos. But to hear the history behind why they are special to her and her family, that means a lot to me.

Keep shooting, folks. We’re documentarians. We’re keeping the past alive for the future.

And make prints!

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2018

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