Friday Noir: My Name Is The Night

My Name Is The Night_2019_MG_3430

The air is sharp.

Like it will break if you walk through it too fast.

The water, rushing, cold and dark.

When I go, I’ll be going out in flames and fiery wrecks.

And the quiet to me, such an ominous sound.

My name is the nighttime now.

Yes, the quiet to me, such an ominous sound.

And my name is the night.

Color me black.


Oh hey, Friday Noir is back!

At least for today.

This is actually a rework of a shot I did about six years ago in Hightstown, New Jersey, one cold, dark evening on the way home from work.

I’ve always liked this narrow bridge, and wanted to work it into a Jersey Noir shot sometime.

This image, though, has  been coming up in my mind again recently.

I’d be in the gym and my MP3 player is shuffling songs around, and often Brian Fallon’s My Name Is The Night often comes on (I have about 300 songs on my MP3 player, I don’t understand how it doesn’t shuffle them any more).

And I’d hear that song and started to remember this photo.

Weird how that happens. Why this one?

Anyway, even though Brian’s song is a pretty upbeat, rock and roll song (or quiet – here’s an acoustic version), the lyrics have that quiet cool noir quality to them. Like many of his lyrics.

Most of my caption here are part of the lyrics Brian wrote for his song (a solo one, not one with  The Gaslight Anthem).

Those lyrics I keep hearing in the gym that made me come back to this image after six years. I had to dusk it off, but give it a new sheen a little different look.

Brian has said the title comes from an old Twilight Zone episode.

He borrowed it from Rod.

Now I’m borrowing it from Brian.

It ain’t stealing. We’re borrowing.

And we’re all just doing something a little different with it.

Such an ominous sound….

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2018

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