Blowin’ Smoke

Blowin Smoke_020719_DSCF4714.jpg

About a month ago, I’m in New York.

I’m on my way to an event, but had plenty of time so I was walking there, as I like to do in New York.

I had my Fuji X100T in my hand, looking for something to shoot.

In New York, there’s always something to shoot.

I passed by this scene, with this gent having a smoke break in my left.

I saw it in my minds eye as I passed.

The urban setting.

The half-silhouette.

The smoke being blown out.

I thought it would make a super street shot.

So, I passed him, walked a few more steps up, and turned around.

I waited for him to blow his next barrel of smoke, hoping he wouldn’t move out of the edge of the building.

One drag….snap.

Another drag…snap.

Another drag…the last one…snap.

Annnnddd….I whiffed on all three frames.

I had this shot cold zero…and jerked the shutter three times.

Nothing clean, nothing sharp.

Henri Cartier-Bresson I ain’t.

The excitement in street photography is grabbing the shot that will be gone *snap* in an instant.

Stopping time.

Saving the decisive moment.

In this case, I missed it.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2018

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