Tear Sheet: Eric Beetner in Mystery Scene Magazine

Eric Beetner_Mystery Scene_2019jpg

I can honestly say, I never thought I’d get a photo credit in Mystery Scene magazine.

Then again, maybe since 95% of my writer friends who I’ve done headshots for write mysteries and crime fiction, it should be much of a surprise.

When I saw a tweet that Eric put out about this, I went out to my local big-box bookstore that carries every magazine under the sun to pick up a copy.

But, I guess it’s not every magazine…they didn’t have Mystery Scene.

Eric was nice enough to send me an extra hard copy he had so that I could have one for my files.


And then this week, another the Beetner beat rolled on: In Q&A interview on Roughneck Dispatch, writer Matt Phillips used another one of Eric’s headshots I did, this one a B&W version.

Eric Beetner_Medium_March 2019

Very happy Eric is getting so much press for his new book, All The Way Down, and that my photos are helping put a face to the name!

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