JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 03.09.19

Visual Week In Review_030919

This was one of those weeks that seemed to fly by.

We started our march into March with a bit of snow here that didn’t last long, and will end this weekend by pushing the clocks forward.

I always like to do that, to get more light in the day, but I have to admit, I get lulled into the night, and the look of the night.

I guess it’s my film noir mindset. I start out hating that time in the fall were we move the clock back. But after a few weeks, I start to see the beauty in the dark.

And it’s that winter’s bone beauty. The summer night is different – warm and friendly. Winter night is like an ice pick ready to poke holes in you.

Summer nights are crickets and cicadas and soft music coming for someone’s backyard BBQ.

Winter night is shadowy. The kind that makes you hurry your steps up to get to some place more lit.

But the last few weeks have also given us here in New Jersey those great late winter sunsets. The oranges and reds streak across the sky getting warmer and deeper until *poof* they are gone.

Now, though, we’re ready to turn the page into a new season and all that it holds.

I’m ready.


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched: Free Solo (amazing) and the rest of The Umbrella Academy

What I read: A short story, The Broken King, by a writer I know, Brian Panowich. I also bagged Shadow of the Serpent, which I mentioned last week. Just not doing it for me. Started Arrowood instead.

NY Times: The Challenges of Photographing Trump

Texas Monthly: Photography is almost always about trust

Artsy: 4 Secrets to living a bold, creative life (by one of my favorite artists, James Victore)

Roads & Kingdoms: Street Connections

Mother Jones: Main Street: The Lost Dream of Route 66

“I will not speak of advantages that my discovery promises as a result of the various uses that can be made of it…” ~ Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, the inventor of photography, who was born March 7, 1765.

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