Dispatches: Wet Work in Clayton Park


Long before he was disgraced as a sexual predator, Bill Cosby used to have this bit in his stand-up act  where he says that, when he was a kid, for the longest time he thought his name was Jesus Christ.


“My father used to call me that all the time. Or so I thought. ‘Jesus Christ, put the cereal away!’…..’Jesus Christ, clean up your room!’…’Jesus Christ, what are you doing out in the rain? Get inside!’ “

It seemed funny at the time. And I still think of it when it’s raining outside and my kids want to go play in it. In the summer it’s not bad, but in the spring or fall…Cos’ dad resonates with me.

But last week sometime, I saw a social media post about going out to shoot in inclement weather. Everyone shoots when it’s nice out. But why not try to go look for photos when its raining, or snowing?

Yes, you’ll be a bit uncomfortable, and yes, you have to watch out for your gear. But the payoff is that you can get some really nice photos.


So, last weekend, it was supposed to be drizzly all day. Not full-on rain, just some drizzle.

I decided to take note of that social media post, and told my boys we were heading out to nearby Clayton Park. This is one of my favorite Central New Jersey gems, a place I’ve hiked through, ran through, and have gone just to clear my head in trying times.

So, we pulled on our boots and our rain jackets and headed out.  Note: If you don’t have a good pair of weatherproof boots, you’re missing out. Go out, get a pair you don’t mind getting wet and muddy. It’s like having an armored tank for your feet.



Truth be told, by the time we got out the door, the rain had stopped to even less than a drizzle. A few drops, really. But the forest was wet and slick and drippy. A fun playground to tromp through.




While we didn’t see any woodland creatures (aside from birds), we weren’t the only ones taking advantage of Nature’s splendor.


I love how her jacket and hat pop against all the golds and browns.


I was using my little FujiX100T for these shots (and my phone took the one of me crossing the log up above). I didn’t need a rain guard for the T, but if I had my Canon DSLR with me, and it was raining, I’d use one of these (this is what I use when I shoot the Polar Bear Plunges, too.)

So, here’s an idea for this weekend: Check the weather. Even if it looks inclement, get out and shoot anyway. Put on a good pair of boots and see what you can see. Never stop exploring.

And drop a link below to show me what you shot.


Me and the boys want to see your shots!

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5 thoughts on “Dispatches: Wet Work in Clayton Park

  1. The challenge with shooting when the weather is challenging is that of protecting gear. I’m not talking about camera gear (my X-T2 is weather sealed) but of my body. The terrain can be icy and slippery, extremely wet and slippery (rocks), extremely muddy/soggy and slippery and it’s easy to slip and slide or wear out my feet and back. Our household is a barefoot home, so wearing shoes for any activity is an exercise in damage control.

    E.g. https://islandinthenet.com/st-michaels-farm-preserve/

  2. I’m mostly a landscape/cityscape/scenic guy and I love shooting in bad weather. Like anything outside, just make sure you have decent gear (clothing) for the conditions and it’s not that bad.

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