JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 03.16.19

Visual Week In Review_031619

This week was a good one in my corner of New Jersey.

Spring was teased with a couple of full-on warm days and the spring peepers have been out in force – a truer sign of spring for me than even seeing a robin in the yard. Even slept with the windows open one night.

I shot some sports, threw some blades and did other shoots for business and personal projects.

Here to hoping this coming week (I have a couple of very diverse shoots at the early part of the week, so stay tuned) gives as much goodness as this past one did.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: Arrowood (very good, highly recommend)

What I watched This Week: Palmdale (short and taunt)

What I Watched This Week, Part 2: La La Land (second watch, love the colors)

Magnum: On Entering The Photography Industry

Jim Marshall: There is a documentary screening at SXSW about the legendary rock photographer. Not sure if this one or not.

NY Times: What’s the opposite of a cellphone photo?

Esquire: Sam Jackson

PDN Online: The importance of keeping notes (I’m not good at this; in fact, at this moment, I can’t find my photo notebook)

The Miracle of the Mundane

Be kind.

Happy birthday today to Danny Lyon.

“Be it a good thing or bad thing, if many people can do it, the medium gets too crowded for your work to seep through, so you have to be absolutely unique in your ideas” ~ Vanessa Ansong

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