Musicians & The Mosaic: Dan Amato

Dan Amato_Mosaic_mkrajnak_031419_MG_0101

I’m trying to remember the first time I heard Dan Amato play.

I think it was over a year ago at a Light of Day show in Asbury Park. And he pretty much blew me away.

Dan is a singer/songwriter that sounds like he would have fit right in about thirty years ago – with Chicago and Fleetwood Mac were writing hits.

He’s not a rock ‘n roller, he’s not a swooner. But he a songwriter composer that creates some  of the freshest-sounding music I get into.

I pitched him to be part of my Musician & The Mosaic project last year, but we couldn’t make our schedules happen. Heck, we had more success hooking up in NYC last fall than in AP.

But last week, I was in working out of Asbury Park for the day and put it out on my Instagram that if anyone wanted to take part in my project to ping me.

Dan did!

Dan Amato_mkrajnak_031419_DSCF5990

He had just enough time to swing by Ocean Ave before he had to get to class at Monmouth University.

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Asbury Park, but still a little chilly (about 55 degrees – it was 75 about 30 miles west, where I live). He brought along his beautiful new guitar, an ES Style Les Paul.

I know nothing about instruments except out the look and this looked beautiful.

Bigsby detail_031419_MG_0133

We didn’t have a lot of time, but that was ok, I worked quick. We did a few set-ups in front of the mosaic wall, then I moved him over a little so that I could get the Casino in the background.

Dan Amato_asbury park_mkrajnak_031419_MG_0129

Dan Amato_bw_031419_MG_0125

He even strummed a little for me, but to be honest, it was pretty windy and I couldn’t hear what he was playing!

We were in done in about 10 minutes, enough time for me to add him to my Musicians & The Mosaic project and him off to his next class.

I walked across the street to AP boardwalk and had to pay my usual respects to the Casino – still standing but looking more ghostly every time I see it.


Check out Dan’s music – Dan Amato & The Sentimental Gentlemen – on Spotify, YouTube, Pandora and other services!

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