Tear Sheet: Wedded To A Website

Bryan Sargent_032019

I was over on Bryan Sargent’s website recently, just scrolling around. You may remember Bryan from when I wrote about our portrait session last fall.

And I had a nice surprise when I came to his About page – he’s using one of the portraits we did on this page!

I’m very honored. It’s always a little (ok, a lot) nerve-racking to shoot another photographer. The thoughts swirl in your head:

Am I doing this right?

Would he do it this way?

Is my lighting right?

I hope my exposure is right!

I hope I give them something they can use!

All of this while trying to manage your gear and keeping it light so that the subject is relaxed.

Bryan is a very cool cat, easy to work with and he let me do my thing.

I was very happy to see him using this shot on his newly-revamped website. The site gets a ton of his, and to have my photo of him as his “Hi, I’m Bryan. Nice to meet you!” pic.

I do like this photo, too. He looks great, he has his favorite film cameras with him (he shoots a lot of film during his wedding coverage) and I do like this B&W shot.

Pretty simple setup here: I had my Savage Universal storm gray seamless up in my garage. Shot this using my Fuji X100T and a Neewer strobe to the right of Bryan.

It’s really an honor to have Bryan using this shot. I think it works really week.

And, above all, I hope it helps him get more work for his wedding photography business!

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