JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 03.30.19

Visual Week In Review_033019.jpg

Wow, where’s the time going.

Another week that seemed to fly by.

One of the new photographers I discovered this week was Clemens Kalischer. Read his NY Times obit here, and go and google him some more.

I don’t know if I should have know Clemens or not. I think we all get our due fill of the regulars – Ansel Adams, Robert Frank, Margaret Bourke-White – and they are all awesome, no doubt.

But geez…there are so many great photographers from the past that just don’t seem to get the acclaim. If you are on Twitter, do follow Photography History and/or Photographers At Work (I run that one) to get a wonderful dose of new photographers to read about and explore their work.

It all makes us better.


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched This Week: Dial M For Murder. The color in this film is so lush.

What I Read This Week: I started The Neon Rain by James Lee Burke. For my money, he’s the greatest living American writer. I also continue to work on East of Eden.

The Case of the Chronic Snapshot

Huck: Inside the final years of Robert Maplethorpe’s studio.

No Film School: Put your camera in high-pressure situations

SmugMug Films: Alan Schaller: Street Minds

NY Times: The First Female Photographers Brought A New Vision to the NY Times

Nick Ut had a birthday this week. Great interview here. (The famous photo part..David Burnett told me the same story over dinner one night.)

RIP Ed Wescott

“I’ve always been shy and that’s partly why I chose a life behind the lens. I like people to look at my work and hopefully it speaks for itself.” ~ Bruce Weber, who had a birthday this week.

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