Mackenna Inside And Out

Mackenna McLaughlin_mkrajnak_031319_MG_9533

Back in late 2018, around November, I was asked to shoot some headshots of a young gal that needed them for casting calls she’d be going out on soon.

As fate would have it, things got in the way. While at the time it seemed liked the headshots would be needed rather quickly, the weeks slipped away. The holidays hit, then the new year, then a death in the family, unfortunately.

But then in late February, I got an email saying the shoot was back on and the headshot really were needed quickly now.

Luckily, Mackenna, the aspiring actress but already talented singer, and her family live only a couple of miles away from me. Back in November, I had met with Mackenna’s mom at our local coffehouse. We went through my portfolio and she told me what type of shots they were looking for.

We decided on doing some environmental shots outside, and then some headshots on a seamless inside as well.

Mackenna McLaughlin_mkrajnak_031319_MG_9633

We had a great day to do the shoot, though by the time we started – around 4 pm – it was starting to get a little chilly. Had to work quick so Mackenna’s nose didn’t get to red!

Mackenna McLaughlin_mkrajnak_031319_MG_9722

Mackenna McLaughlin_mkrajnak_031319_DSCF5887

After finishing up in the bamboo forest (yes, there is one of those in Allentown), we met back up at their house where I set up a storm gray seamless and a Neewer strobe in one of their front rooms.

MM_ BTS_031319_DSCF5899

Mackenna McLaughlin_mkrajnak_031319_DSCF5950

Mackenna McLaughlin_mkrajnak_031319_DSCF5952

Mackenna McLaughlin_mkrajnak_031319_MG_0086

We shot for a couple of hours on a Wednesday. I delivered 30 final images by Thursday afternoon. Mackenna’s mom had some prints made on Friday and she had her casting expo on Saturday.



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