Make Prints: Hurley’s Saloon

Hurleys Saloon_2014

An old building in the town I grew up in.

A bar. Shot-and-beer type place.

Passed it a thousand times growing up. No exaggeration.

Actually, maybe a million times.

Never went inside till I was 44 years old, in 2014.

But I loved how it looked – from another time, another era.

So I made a photo of it in 2014,  posted it online somewhere.

Someone found it, posted it to my little Northeast PA’s hometown’s Facebook page.

A woman found me on Facebook, and she sent me a message.

“My friend own’s this place  Hurley’s. Do you sell prints?”

We talked it over, came to a decision and agreement.

With help from AdoramaPix, I made a 16×20 print, sent it off last week.

Got a wonderful email from the woman earlier this week saying how happy she was to
give it to her friend, the owner, as a birthday present.

I made a few bucks, yes. Not much.

May buy an old film camera with it.

But I made at least two people smile.

All because I took some time to shoot this old building.

That’s why I love photography.

Make prints, folks.

Happy weekend!

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2018

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5 thoughts on “Make Prints: Hurley’s Saloon

  1. Since publishing this, I found out that this building has been totally remodeled, looks nothing like this now. I enjoy this even more now; maybe I’ll keep a live someone’s memory of the past. My hometown’s past.

  2. Photos like this are wonderful reminders of were we’ve been. We see people updating the outside of building or expanding them which totally changes the character of the place, or the places are torn down. I have some old photos of my Dad’s shoe repair shop. While the images were only snapshots, they remind me of all the wonderful things from the when he was in that shop.

    Currently, the Convention Center in Memphis has an exhibit of new and old images of the same buildings in Memphis. The images were by two different photographers. The old images were with a 4×5 press camera many years ago and the new images were with a modern film or digital camera.

  3. “But I made at least two people smile.”

    I think that’s the important bit there. Not the equipment. Not whether you shot in aperture priority at what ISO.

    Just that. Three people (you included) are happier because you stopped to take a photo.

    Happy weekend.

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