Musicians & The Mosaic: Nalani & Sarina


I first met Nalani & Sarina Bolton about four years ago.

I’ve followed their career since then, downloaded a bunch of their songs.

But I never had the chance to see them again…until last week when they were playing at The Stone Pony.

My buddy Bobby Mahoney put together a show with a bunch of bands/musicians and called it “We Are the Future And You Don’t Have To Like It”.

Nalani & Sarina were on bill. So I reached out to them and and asked if I could shoot them for my mosaic project.


They got back to me right away and enthusiastically agreed.

We decided to meet at the mosaic on Empress around 7 pm. I took a strobe and umbrella with me, but wasn’t sure if  needed it or not.

It was a nice Friday evening in Asbury Park, people were getting ready to start their night. I used one group for a lighting test.


You walk through my set, I’m going to photography you.

When Nalani & Sarina showed up, it was getting a little chilly. The pre-show coffee they had was steaming.

We quickly said our hellos, I explained the concept and got started. They are so good in front of the camera, just started to work with me.


They even liked when I told them about Flo…



I also gave them a print of that shot I took of them back in 2015 (with the flare on it). They loved it.

Had to ask them for one more photo before they went across the street to do their show


They gave me so many great looks; easy peasy photographing them.

Later on, I went across the street photographed them again. And bought their CD.



Check out their website, listen to their music. These Jersey gals are going to explode.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2018

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