Travel: Yes, It’s Grand


“I got the dust of the desert in my bones…” ~ The Gaslight Anthem

Back from our epic Arizona Spring Break excursion, still trying to dig out of photo files and work emails.

Ever been to the Grand Canyon? Or Arizona?

For us flatlanders here in New Jersey…whew. What a different landscape, what a different look.

The weather was great (high temps in Phoenix, but yes, it’s a dry heat), moderately warm, then cool at the Canyon and Flagstaff.

Grand Canyon_042619_DSCF8613

The vistas were amazing, the colors of the canyon walls – shades of red, orange, umber, vermilion, green, even purple) were nature’s art.

The day we were at the Canyon, it was beautiful sun, but with great, dramatic clouds, which I was thankful for.

While I love the color images, I like some of the B&W one’s just as much.




As you saw from my post the other day, I took only my Fuji X100T and my GoPro Hero Black, and was very happy with both of those choices. Lightweight, easy to pack, wide angle which is what I wanted. I love my 70-200mm…but I’m glad I didn’t have to drag it around with me on this trip.

The vistas were great…but I had to get some people into my landscapes, too.

Photographers At Work…


Old Lady Photographer_042619_DSCF8693

Hikers At Play…




What a trip to help this amazing spot celebrate it’s 100th anniversary. I’ll be sharing some more images from the trip over the next few posts.

GC Sign_042619_DSCF8467

And if you have any questions about going to the GC, drop me an email (or a comment) and I’ll try to help you while it’s all still fresh in my mind.

Flo GC_042619_DSCF8492

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3 thoughts on “Travel: Yes, It’s Grand

  1. You brought back a lot more than some photos. Everyone will remember the trip forever.

    As for photos, I expect you are seeing that a lot of images are great in color and B&W. I like both that you have shown in the post.

    You noted how different the GC is from the flat lands in the east. The terrain, the distances, and populations density is hard to comprehend without being there. You read about it and see pictures but being there adds a totally new level to one’s understanding of the region.

    Having been out west, I expect you’ll be wanting to go again.

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