JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 05.04.19

Visual Week In Review_050419.jpg

May Day! May Day!

Hey, all, Happy May!

Here we are, starting our fifth month into this year of 2019.

You backed up all your work from the past four months, right?

This week, it was games that dealt with bases and balls all week. I was at six games this week, so that’s the bulk of this week’s work.

Oh, I also got pulled into an intensive project at my day job that will keep me hoppin’ for the next few weeks.

April showers bring May flowers…let’s see what blooms this month.


What I Read This Week: Started The Einstein Prophecy

What I Watched This Week: Baseball. And basketball

What I Didn’t Watch This Week: Game of Thrones

CNN: The Stories Behind the 10 Oldest Photos

RangeFinder: Family Lifestyle Photos Started Here

Contentious Photography: The Limits of Photography

“It is part of the photographer’s job to see more intensely than most people do. He must have and keep in him something of the receptiveness of the child who looks at the world for the first time or of the traveler who enters a strange country.” ~Bill Brandt (May 2, 1904 – December 20, 1983

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5 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 05.04.19

  1. I’m not fully backed up but I will be shortly as I have a new external drive scheduled for delivery tomorrow (Monday).

    I like the catcher photo in the collage. It’s not the typical image of a catcher. I hope all the players, your’s and the other parents, a a safe and fun season.

    • David, can I ask what external drive you went with? SSD or no? So many choices, I’m sure the readers here would be interested in a personal recommendation. And thanks for the comment about the catcher. That’s my daughter, actually. Got lucky at one of her games where the fence wasn’t covered, so I could get the in through the links.

      • I went with an 8TB Seagate external drive with USB 3.0 (or 3.1). I don’t recall the model at the moment. It is a mechanical drive. While some readers may not like Seagate, I find that the recent reliability and durability of Seagate drives has been a bit better than other makes. I had another brand of drive fail on me in February. I chose not to go solid state as I the price of large drives would have been much higher and I’m not comfortable with the long term storage of flash memory in the drives. While manufacturer’s claim huge numbers of read/write cycles and great data retention, I feel a magnetic device (disk or tape) for a backup device is less susceptible to having a uncorrectable error. (I have a 64GB flash drive in the computer for moving some files to another machine as I type this.)

        I thought the catcher was your daughter. Catching is much more of a leadership position than many people realize. I have lot’s of photos on film of my daughters and their teammates playing.

        Tell the players to be safe, play hard and have fun. It they do that, the win-loss record will take care of itself.

  2. Thanks for that info, David. I’ve had both Seagate and WD work for me…and fail for me. Laci may be my next try. And an ample supply of USB drives.

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