Event: Kicking Off A Summer of Sorcery


Last night, Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul kicked off their world tour in Asbury Park.

I wrote up a recap for Backstreets.com, which posted earlier today, so please click here if you’d like read it.

I don’t want to just regurgitate it here, so let me just add a little more color to the evening.


LS Press Pass

Every time I get a photo pass like this, it gives me a thrill.


Front house_050819_DSCF8975

Pre-show, front of house

There were about six or seven photographers (including one Getty photographer) in the house shooting this show. We had the first three songs, then had to get out of the front-of-stage area. After that, everyone was on their own.

So, there’s only so many angles you can get. That being said, with all the lenses pointed at on the stage, I’m pretty happy with what I came away with.


Little Steven, full tilt.

A badly-dragged Fuji X100T shutter.

I like it.


This is 92-year old Bea Slater from Springfield, New Jersey. Bea had quite a night.

During a song called “Soul Power Twist’” the stage was super crowded.

Horns, guitars, dancers coming out from the wings in go-go boots. It was nuts up there.

By this time, we photographers were scattered around, trying to find an angle. I was halfway up the the aisle stage left. It’s a pretty upbeat song, people were dancing in their seats, arms raised.

Now, I ain’t the tallest guy, so I was trying to find my sightline. Bea wasn’t out there too long but snapped about four or five solid frames. At least I hoped I did.

Backstreets tweeted this photo out and it’s been great to see the positive reaction to it.

There are photos you have to get. And then there are photos you hope you got.

I’m super happy I got this one.



Those expressions.

When Bruce came out, I had moved up to the second level of the Paramount. It’s where I shot them back in 2017.

I was down low, staying out the way of people but shooting between a railing, switching back and forth between my 70-200 and my 24-107.

I stayed keyed in on these reaction shots, when Bruce first came out.

This is one of my new favorites.

But a lot of people like this one, too.


I know. It’s like they were looking RIGHT at me and Bruce is giving me a wave.

I wish.

There’s no way they saw me up there, what with people on their feet, clapping and cheering and me down low. Even through my viewfinder I could tell they were looking up our way, acknowledging the people in the nosebleeds.

But it’s a fun photo and will be a great one to make a print of.

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