A Honeymoon Tale

May 2015

Photo credit: My mom

So,yesterday was our 15th wedding anniversary.

That means it’s also the 15 anniversary of this story:

A couple of days after getting married in Sonoma, we caught a cab from our San Francisco apartment at Washington & Van Ness to SFO enroute to LAX and a honeymoon adventure.

Adventure is right.

Our flight from LAX to Tahiti was leaving around midnight. We killed time at SFO. Spirits were high, we were newly married. The flight crew gave us a bottle of wine.

And then….

And then we went to board. And I couldn’t find my passport. Patted myself down a dozen times. I knew I put it in my cargo shorts pocket when we left the apartment to catch the cab. Nothing.

The airline let us into a side room so that we could check the luggage. Nothing.

Time was running out to board. I couldn’t go. I bravely told Les to go ahead and I’d catch up after I got a new passport. Seemed like the thing to say. She said no way.

At about 1:30 or so, we decided to rent a car to drive BACK to San Francisco to see what could be done, first about the lost passport and then about our honeymoon.

I’m sure the drive from LA to SF is nice. But for me, at 2 am it was dark. And quiet. New brides stalled on going on their honeymoon aren’t too talkative.


As dawn broke and we were nearing Candle Stick part, just outside the SF city limits, I saw a cab from the cab company we took to SFO the day before. So, I pulled out my flip-phone and called the number on the side of the cab.

“Hi, I may have left my passport in one of your cabs yesterday, do you have one?

– Have one? I have a whole box full. What’s your name?…Yep, we have it.

Turns out, the office was LITERALLY the next exit. I crossed over four lanes of traffic and exited the highway. About 10 minutes later, my passport – which I lost in about the first 20 minutes of our trip – was back in my possession.

Les called the travel agent, we re-booked the flights, didn’t lose money and some how gained a day in our hotel in Bora Bora, our final destination. I think we went to either The Bell Tower or Nick’s Crispy Tacos, both on Polk Street, that evening for dinner.

The following day, we took off again. And made it to Tahiti.

Oh, the flight crew was great. I had left the bottle of wine in that room where we searched our luggage. They gave it back to me when we finally DID get on the flight.

In Tahiti for one night before puddle jumping to Bora Bora, I took this photo with a little Canon A80.


Happy anniversary to my wife…and to my foolishness.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2019

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3 thoughts on “A Honeymoon Tale

  1. Memories. That is why we take a number of not so good photos of friends and family and keep them. We keep a box full of family photos that mean more to us than many of the “photographs” we make. Sometimes, you have indelible memories without the printed image. There all precious and priceless. Happy anniversary with all the memories.

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