JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 05.18.19

Visual Week In Review_051819

This was a week of shooting baseball (and softball), big wigs and birthday’s.

What did you shoot?

Show your work.

Oh, and back it up and make prints, too.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: Been slow going but got back into Steinbeck’s East of Eden.

What I Watched This Week: Because it was late, just a short snippet of Reservoir Dogs. Man,  I forgot how good that movie is. Need to do a full rewatch soon.

What I Listened To This Week: There Goes My Miracle

RIP I.M. Pie. For eight years, I worked in one of the buildings he designed.

NY Times: Eudora Welty’s photos.

DIY Photography: Why Photographers Should Pivot to LinkedIn

PhotoShelter: The MicroBiologist Who Can Spot Fake Images

Sorry to hear this: The NY Times Lens blog closes.

Vulture: Lost Weegee crime scene photos

Born today: John Vachon.

And also: Bert Hardy

“Just make the picture. You’ve got the rest of your life to figure out what it means.” ~  Keith Carter

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