JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 05.24.19

Visual Week In Review_0524.jpg

A long holiday weekend is upon us here in the United States.

The weather should be nice.

Baseball will be played.

The pool is open.

Things will be grilled.

Summer begins, adventure awaits.


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched This Week: South Central

What I Read This Week: I finished The Einstein Prophecy. Pulling together my Summer Reading List this weekend.

Popular Photography: Capturing Great White Sharks

Washington Post: Unreal People, Unreal Settings, Real Moments

NY Times: We’re talking about Gordon Parks

NY Times: 20 Photographers From A Decade of Lens (the NY Times photo blog, which is shuttering.)

Stuff I’ll never by: Lenny Kravitz’s Leica model and the 100 MP Fuji.

“It is a fallacy to assume we are always operating at top capacity or even at a steady level. We are subject to moods and rhythms, and the Muse only visits occasionally. Yet everyone works against at least a hypothetical time clock which is mechanical, steady and endless.” ~ Henry Wolf

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