A New Old Tool


A new tool is back in my camera bag of tricks.

A new tool, yes, but an old friend.

It’s the Canon SX620 HS.

I’ve had this type of Canon point-and-shoot in my bag for a few years now.

Unfortunately, I’m a little rough with these and I tend to somehow break them.

And the last model I had, I left it in the back of a New York City cab after shooting the Global Citizen Festival last September.

I wasn’t going to replace it. I got a GoPro Hero Black 5 instead, at a good price.

But the GoPro just never really fit into with my workflow.

Yes, it was nice nice to take on runs with me (though, on one of those first ones, I accidentally dropped it and cracked the screen covering the lens. GoPro replaced it.)

And I did use it to shoot the kids a bit in the pool, and at the Grand Canyon last month.

But then, visiting my parents in NEPA a couple of weeks ago, I somehow left it/lost it in a diner when I was having breakfast with my Mom. Even went back a couple of hours later on my way out of town but couldn’t find it. And no one turned it in.

See the theme there: I can be careless with my equipment sometimes. I need to correct that.

Anyway, while I’m bummed I lost the GoPro, it just never fit in with what I shoot. It’s not great in low light at concerts. I don’t really shoot time lapses all that often. Yes,the video was good, and I did like the image clarity.

But overall, I’d rather have a tool I’m going to use me.

So, I went back to this PnS. In the past, this camera (or one of it’s variations – the Canon S80, S90, SX610) has given me some shots I really like.




It’s small but mighty. And it may even connect to my phone wirelessly, if I can get them to talk to each other with no issues (my Fuji X100T connects easily; my Canon’s not so much).

I’ve already started to put it to use.





The best thing about this little camera is that I know where all the controls are – I know where to quickly find the different shooting styles and filters. I don’t even have to read the manual. It’s like having an old friend in my hand.

If you’re looking for a small camera to keep in your bag or pocket that isn’t your phone, I highly recommend this series of Canon point-and-shoots. And if you have any questions, drop them in the comments, or send me an email.

I’m sure you’ll see more photos tagged from this camera in the months to come.

As long as I don’t break it or lose it.

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6 thoughts on “A New Old Tool

    • I’ve always liked that shot too…because it’s one about patence. The sky looked great when I took the first few shots of that boat. That (and the message on it) was what drew me. But in a couple of minutes while I waited, a few of the birds took off. I thought it may be better if they were in the shot. Then something spooked them and they all few. I knew when I snapped that it was an additional layer to the image and make it just a bit better. I’m glad I waited around to see what would happen!

      And, a few days later, the boat was gone.

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