JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 06.08.19

Visual Week In Review_060819

This past week was about hitting a round ball with a rounded bat

(I can’t just say “baseball” because my daughter, who is finishing up her first softball season today would take offense if I group it all under baseball. Then again, she throws a baseball harder than some of the boys I know.)

As per my last post, some hard lessons were learned this week. But overall it’s be a fun season, one in which I kept well-documented though I did blog much about it.

It was a little different for me this year since I wasn’t on the field coaching any of them but watching from behind the fence.

I could see their frustrations, but couldn’t help amend them.

I saw their bumps and hit-by-pitches, but couldn’t soothe them.

I saw their joys and successes but couldn’t be right there to congratulate them or share in it with them.

But that’s probably good. After five straight years of coaching my kids and other kids, it was nice to just watch for once. It gave me a different perspective literally and figuratively.

I’d walk around the field and watch from down a foul line, or from right behind the center field fence. I could see plays develop from different angles…and catch when they maybe weren’t paying attention (mostly Matt here. He loves baseball but he’s 7 – something the mind still wanders).

Overall it was a fun season for everyone. Well, my wife feels a little left out, at times. She doesn’t really “get” baseball and when all the kids want to play catch at home, they come to me as they don’t like the way she throws. And that stretches me a little thin but they don’t love “group catches” instead preferring to have some “Dad time” with me alone.

Yes, I love it, I admit.

But today is the last day of the season for Matt and Olivia. Closing ceremonies are later this afternoon.

Then our evenings will open up with more time.

For games of catch, for batting practice and other such summer adventures.


Oh…a milestone this week: As I was driving through Ocean Grove on Friday, my truck’s odometer hit 200,000 miles. Never did that with any vehicle I’ve owned.


This Week’s Links:

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BBC: How a blind photographer sees the world

The Guardian: Profile on Cindy Sherman

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“Photography can be a mirror and reflect life as it is, but I also think that perhaps it is possible to walk, like Alice, though a looking-glass, and find another kind of world with the camera.” ~ British photographer Tony Ray Jones (June 7, 1941 – March 13,1972)

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