JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 06.15.19

JSP Visual Week In Review_061519

Last week was a busy one. Did a lot of running around Monmouth County, had jury duty, started a new photo project (that I can’t wait to tell you about but it will have to wait), went to a two concerts (the Willie Nile one, which I photographed, and Bush/Live which I did not).

This week may be a little slower, but the kids finish up school on Thursday. Then the real fun begins!


This Week’s Links

What I Read This Week: Sherlock Holmes and the Vampire Case Files by Mark Coggins

What I Listened To This Week: Bruce Springsteen’s new one, Western Stars

Related – What I Watched This Week: Thom Zimny’s video for Western Stars. Like a a William Allard photo come to life. Give it a watch.

NY Times Magazine: The Day The Music Burned

Brad Trent’s blog: Photographing The Maestro

CJR: How Did Journalists File Before Google Docs?

Fans in a Flashbulb: Weegee’s birthday was this week.

Adorama: Five Portrait Photography Tips

NPR: When An Iraqi Photojournalist Goes Missing

“The golden rule is “work fast.” As for framing, composition, focus—this is no time to start asking yourself questions: you just have to trust your intuition and the sharpness of your reflexes.” ~ French photojournalist Jacques Henri Lartigue (June 13, 1894 – September 12, 1986

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