Making Prints – June Edition

Baseball prints_2019

I didn’t coach spring baseball this year. With my boys playing on two different teams, and my daughter playing softball, I wanted to be able to see each of their games.

And shoot them, of course.

I made some 8×10 prints for each of them, which I’ll put into basic frames from a local craft store so that they can hang them on their walls. My intention is also to do a book for each of them, though, I admit, my time and gumption is faltering a bit.

But at least they have these prints!

Willie Nile Prints

Made a few 8x10s but mostly 4x6s of the Willie Nile show I shot a few weeks ago. Love how they came out. I’ll send a few to him via his PR person.

Bobby Mahoney_prints_062019

I also made some prints of Bobby Mahoney & The Seventh Son. They are a very fun band to shoot and the more I work with them, the better I’m able to anticipate what he will do.


A lot of concert photography, I find, is anticipating what’s going to happen – where will the light be, when will the guitarist jump off the riser, when will the lead singer swing his long hair back.

It’s easy to get good, tight shots from the pit. But to catch the special moments that quickly slip by…that’s where I think I’m getting better because of the experience I’m getting.

On another topic, I redid the layout to my portfolio website. This is what it looks like on mobile, but click here to see it on the desktop.


My older homepage had more of a carousel. Here, I’m trying a layout that gets more of the portraits and concert photography I do – which seems to be the bulk of my shooting now – up front. Even if people don’t click through the categories, they can see what I like to shoot.

This layout seems to be popular now so I thought I’d try it out. Let me know if you like it!

And don’t forget to print those photos!

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