Dispatches: Goin’ Tubbin’ At Seven Tubs

7 tubs_071219_IMG_0648

The older I get, the more I realize that if I’m near water, I’m happy.

Be it the ocean, a lake or a bubbling brook on a shaded trail in the woods, there’s just something about being near water that calms me down, but opens my mind up.

This isn’t news to anyone but me, probably. I’ve always done pretty well to wherever I’ve been – city, suburbs, country.

But the more I spend time in the woods with my kids, especially since they are right across the street from our home, and the more time I get near water, I do notice a change.

So, when we recently visited Northeast Pennsylvania (Hi, grandparents!), we took an afternoon to take the short drive to Pinchot State Forest and hang out at the 7 Tubs Recreation Area.

The beauty here astounds me.

7 tubs_071219_IMG_0630

What astounds me even more is that this state forest has always been here, yet, in the 18 years I lived near here, I never explored it! Sheesh.

The family and I visited here last summer, and it was the top thing the kids wanted to do this year. It was a beautiful summer day, sunny and warm, and the mountain water was clear and cool – a little cold but mostly cool.


As I kept a watchful eye on the kids, I did just have to stand there a few moments and just take it all.

All the challenges life throws at you, all the garbage going on with the elected officials in our country, all the stressors we all have…being in this place helped it all wash away.

My mind calmed, if just for a few minutes.


Chase_7 tubs_071219_IMG_0666

Seven tubs_071219_IMG_0678

I know many of my readers here probably won’t ever make it to this part of Northeast Pennsylvania, but if you do…please make it a point to stop at Seven Tubs and check it out. Even to just hike the trails and get away from it all.

Seven Tubs signage_071219_MG_0679

Oh…my favorite part of the day? Jumping in this chute of water and riding it down to the bottom.

A gear note: I went super light here – I had my phone, of course, but shot everything seen here with my little Canon SX620 HS point-and-shoot. Yes, I still worried about dropping it in the water – wish there was a waterproof case for P-nS’s, but it a did a nice job without having to worry too much about it!

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2019

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