JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08.17.19

JSP WIR_081719


Here is is, the middle of August.

Summer is starting to shut down.

I’m still working on photos from our epic trip to Yellowstone, STILL trying to get back in the swing of work (guess that means it was a good vacation, right) but looking forward to a few cool things coming up.

But for those of us still entrenched in summer…did you do what you set out to do?


The let’s get after it.


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched: Mean Streets (on Netflix now)

What I Read: Wild Wives by Charles Willeford

Sports photographer Les Banos would have celebrated a birthday this week. He also was a spy. He’s got a great story.

Vintage Everyday: The first known photograph of a surfer

Time: Five Woodstock Photographers On The Images That Moved Them

Emmazed: A Conversation With Kathy Ryan

Podcast: A Conversation With Karen Mullarkey

Artsy: Ansel Adams’ male gaze

Looking Back: A year ago today, I shot The Gaslight Anthem.

“I never, ever went out without my camera, even to buy bread.” ~ Willy Ronis

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