The Cowboy Way

Yellowstone Cowoby_IG_072519__MG_9330

Old Faithful Lodge, Yellowstone National Park

Here’s to the cowboys, and the riders in the whirlwind
Tonight the western stars are shining bright again
And the western stars are shining bright again. 

~ Bruce Springsteen, Western Stars

In April, I spent some time in Arizona.

While there, I heard Bruce Springsteen’s Western Stars song for the first time. On my birthday, no less.

Then, in July, we spent a week in Wyoming.

Cowboy_Artist Point_072819_MG_9731

Artist Point, Yellowstone National Park

You don’t spend time in either of those areas without catching some modern-day cowboys.

Yellowstone Cowboy_072519_MG_9438

On the porch of the Old Faithful Lodge

Yellowstone Cowboy_IG_072519_MG_9356.jpg

That song, and  this latest album of the same name, has become the soundtrack to my summer. I’ve listened to is so many times this summer. It’s really good.

It dawned on me that a “cowboy theme” crept into some of my photography from the latest trip to Wyoming. Me and the kids started to look for those folks in cowboy hats.

Cowboy Bar_072419_MG_9298

Downtown Jackson, Wyoming

Are they authentic cowboys or just dressing the part of the location? Hard to say, but it has helped me build a bit of  theme during the trip.

I shot SO much, that as I go and try to organize, having these themes – morning light, cowboys, wildflowers – help out.  I guess “Family Standing in Front of Signs” is a theme of sorts too.

Grand Teton Sign_all_072419_IMG_0847

But now the hills are starting to turn to brown and a few leaves have begun to turn. The calendar is about ready to turn to a new phase of the year.

C’mon and ride me down easy, ride me down easy, friend / ‘Cause tonight the western stars are shining bright again…

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2019

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