Photographers At Work

Joe McNally

Joe McNally, around 2001, in Creve Couer, Missouri

Photography isn’t breaking rocks.

It’s not rocket sciencetry (is that a word?) either.

But it takes skills. And patience. And creativity. And a modicum of strength (to lug gear all over the place.

Whenever I do a big shoot, especially portraits, I’m exhausted after. I know that sounds funny, since it’s not strenuous.

Maybe it’s all the brain work involved. Following the directions to getting the shoot, lugging light stands and backdrops, figuring out logistics, make sure the camera setting are correct, making sure the backdrop is clean (if doing environmental photos), adjusting the settings, making the subject feel comfortable, smiling, working with the subject, keeping them engaged, breaking down, getting back home, unloading.

It’s the sum of all parts.

AE Fletcher

A.E. (Amy) Fletcher in New Brunswick, NJ

David Burnett

David Burnett in New Brunswick, NJ

Again, it’s not breaking rocks. It’s challenging and fun and interesting and active.

So, since today is Labor Day, I’m saluting those photographers I’ve had the chance to work with, shoot next to, and learn from. I try to catch them “at work” when I can.

Gary Chapman

Gary S. Chapman in Belgium

Bruno Barbey

Bruno Barbey in South Africa

Danny Clinch

Danny Clinch in Asbury Park, NJ

David Bowman

David Bowman in Chicago

And, well…me.


In South San Francisco. Photo by Gary S. Chapman

Since I never went to photography school or anything like that, my education photography education is self generating. One of my favorite things is to find other “Photographers At Work” photos…so much so, I started @PhotogsAtWork onTwitter.

Click the link on the photographers above to see their work. And give @PhotogsAtWork a follow you want to see more “at work” photos on nearly a daily basis.

Happy Labor Day!

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